Links I Like

Motorcycle Links:

Motorcycle Consumer News: the best moto-mag in the world. Get your subscription today.

Greg's page about Bandits

Motorcycle On-line

Keith Code's California Superbike school

CLASS Motorcycle School

the American Motorcyclist Association

The Water Buffalo Society: "2-strokes are faster than 4"

Team Calamari.

the Texas Mini GP.

This is my friend Erika's page. I think she likes Honda Hawks?

Here is some info on local riding and such: Motoventure. I found this keen site completely by accident.

Neato places to go on your (or my) Mototrcycle:

The Isle of Mann: Home of the Isle of Mann TT, the baddest-ass motorcycle race on this planet

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife: They've got a place to stay and things to see

Neato Links:

The Electric Postcard

Bert is Evil

Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies. The cinema has become a cesspool of talentless, bland, mediocre crap, and Mr. Cranky is there to document it all. Thanks Mr. Cranky.

Buffman Comic Strip. Damn funny.

Science Links:

The Arabidopsis thaliana Genome searchable database

Carl UnCover literature search

Friend's Links:

This is Erika's page.

Dave Peckham's site

Dave Peckham's site

Link to myself: Back to the Front