NSC 110  Spring 2007...T 10-11am in WCH 1.110
Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler  (sreichler @ mail.utexas.edu)
Office:  Bio 6
Phone:  471-1074

If you have any questions about class, or topics you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me.

Class Material:
(I will put links of introductory material for each presentation as it is sent to me, typically Thursday afternoon/evening.)

1/23  Strong Inference
Strong Inference:  The Article (pdf)

Presentation schedule:
2/6  Raj - FDA Drug Approval
Gaps in the Safety Net.pdf
The safety catch.pdf
David Graham Testimony.pdf

2/13  Andrew O. - Cloning
Information on Cloning

2/20  Sarah - Risks to Encryption
Team Cracks RSA Encryption Challenge

2/27  Stephanie - Aging Doctors

3/6  Mariana - Stem Cells
3/20  Anne - Environmental Sustainability
3/27  Jonathan - Communicating with Non-Scientists
4/3  Andrew P. - Designing People
4/10  TBA
4/24  TBA
5/1  TBA

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