Bio 311C  Fall 2006
MWF 1-2pm in UTC 4.110
Substitute Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler

Final Exam M 12/18 at 9am-noon in UTC 4.124.

Review Sat 12/16 at 5pm in BUR 224.

Final exam office hours:  M 12/11 until 4pm, T 12/12 11am-1pm, W 12/13 noon-2pm, Th 12/14 11am-1pm, and F 12/15 11am-1pm

A short supplemantal quiz over DNA Replication and Mitosis

Homework #1 was due 11/15/06 at 1pm.  Please print it and turn it in at the start of class.

Homework #2 was due 12/6/06 at 1pm.  Please print it and turn it in at the start of class.

Powerpoint presentations and scientific articles used in class

Strong Inference:  The Article
The Rules of Strong Inference

Keys to this semester's exams:

Exam #2

Exam #3

These exams are from my previous introductory biology classes.  Some of the subject matter is different, but the style of the exam will be similar.
Sum 01 Exam 1,
Fa 02 Exam 1, Sp 03 Exam 1, Fa 03 Exam 1

Sum 01 Exam 2, Fa 02 Exam 2, Sp 03 Exam 2, Fa 03 Exam 2

Sum 01 Exam 3, Fa 02 Exam 3, Sp 03 Exam 3, Fa 03 Exam 3

Fa 02 Exam 4

Fa 02 Final Exam

The Academic Communities Residence Hall Study Group Program ( provides free academic support for students enrolled in BIO 311C/311D/325, CH 301/302, M 408K/408L, and CS 305J/307 through study group facilitation, interaction with TA's and faculty, and help from experienced Natural Sciences students.  Go to Jester City Limits or Kinsolving dining room on Sunday through Thursday evenings to study with your classmates and to get help from ACP staff.  The Fall 2006 program begins Wednesday, September 6, and is open and free to any student registered in College of Natural Sciences classes.

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