Bio 301M Summer 2008
M-F 11:30am-1pm in PHR 2.108

Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler TA: Carlos Guarnizo

Office:  Bio 6 PAT 123

Phone: 471-1074
Office hours:  Anytime,
just contact me for an appointment
M and T 2-3pm, or by appointment

Bio 301M Syllabus (pdf)

Grades posted as Codenames (7/9/08 (bonus #2 not included))

Exams (bring cheat sheet)
Review Session
No Discussions
Exam 1 T 6/17
Exam 2 F 6/27
TBA 6/30
Exam 3 W 7/9
Final Exam Sat 7/12 from 7-10 pm

Bonus #1 is due 6/13/08 in class.

Bonus #2 is due 7/10/08 in class.

Information presented in class:

Strong Inference:  The Article

    The Rules of Strong Inference

Powerpoint presentations and scientific articles used in class

Keys to this semester's exams:
Exam #1

Exam #2

Exam #3

Improving your exam scores means realizing what you are doing well versus what you are doing less well and focusing on changing your study habits to be able to correct the errors that you are making.  This Exam Error Review Sheet (as MS Word - as PDF) can help you identify areas for improvement.

Supplemental information and test preparation material:

Old Exams:

Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Exam 4

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