Bio 214  first Summer 2002
Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler (6/5-21)
and Dr. Marianne Dauwalder (6/24-7/11)

Bio 214 Syllabus

Information presented in class:

Strong Inference:  The Article

    The Rules of Strong Inference

Figures from the textbook (Campbell) used in class

Exam 1 key

Stuart will have special office hours Monday 8 July 2002 from 9-11am and 2-3pm to answer any questions you may have about exam 1 or 2..

Supplemental information and test preparation material:

Exams #1-3 are M 6/17, 6/24, and 7/1 at 5pm in PAI 3.02.  The final will be W 7/11 at 9am.  If you are unable to attend an exam, notify the professor as soon as possible.

There will be a Review Session prior to each of the first two exams:
Th 6/13 at 5:30pm in PAI 2.48
Th 6/20 at 5pm in PAI 2.48

Old Exams:
These exams are from Stuart's Summer 2001 Bio 212 class.  Some of the subject matter is different, but the style of the exam will be similar.

Exam #1

Exam #2

Exam #3


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