Bio 212  Spring 2004
Prof:  Dr. Stuart Reichler

Bio 212 Syllabus

Review Session
No discussion
M 2/16

Th 2/12 in RLM 4.102 at 5pm
W 3/10
T 3/9 in PHR 2.110 at 5pm
W 4/14
T 4/13 in Wel 2.246 at 5pm
Th 5/13  2-5pm
in UTC 3.134
T 5/11 in Wel 2.246 at 5pm

**During the final exam period, there will be 2 exams.  Exam 4 will cover the material since 4/19/04.  There will also be an optional cumulative exam with questions covering material from the entire semester.  Your grade will be an average of 4 grades out of a possible 5 grades.  At the test, you will have the option to look at, work on, and complete the cumulative exam, but if it is turned in, that grade will count even if it is lower than your previously lowest grade.  I want to give you an opportunity to improve your grade, but due to the short time frame for turning in final grades, I want to ensure that students who take the cumulative final have studied for it and are interested in improving their grades.  Please ask if you have any questions about this.**

Stuart will have additional office hours until the final exam.
W 5/5 3-5pm; Th 5/6 11am-noon, 3-5pm; F 5/7 11am-1pm; M 5/10 11am-1pm, 3-5pm; T 5/11 3-5pm; W 5/12 10am-1pm

These genetics problems are from another class, so not all of the problems are relevant to Bio 212.  In both set 1 and set 2 questions 1-10 cover information that was presented in Bio 212, and you can use them for practice.

Information presented in class:

Strong Inference:  The Article

    The Rules of Strong Inference

Figures from the textbook ("Biology" by Campbell and Reece 6th ed.) used in class

Keys to this semester's exams:

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

Supplemental information and test preparation material:

Old Exams:
These exams are from my previous Bio 212 classes.  Some of the subject matter is different, but the style of the exam will be similar.

Sum 01 Exam 1, Fa 02 Exam 1, Sp 03 Exam 1, Fa 03 Exam 1

Sum 01 Exam 2, Fa 02 Exam 2, Sp 03 Exam 2, Fa 03 Exam 2

Sum 01 Exam 3, Fa 02 Exam 3, Sp 03 Exam 3, Fa 03 Exam 3

Fa 02 Exam 4

Fa 02 Final Exam

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