Biology 213 Diversity and Ecology

Biology 213. Diversity and Ecology

Excerpts from some student evaluations of Pianka's Biology 213

I admire Prof Pianka for all of his work in research and knowledge. His views on humankind were very intuitive and made me think more about our world. He told one about the harsh realities of humanity and I believe in all that he says.

Many of the points raised in lecture were very interesting and relevant. The stories and examples were enjoyable and added to the course material.

Pianka's lectures were very interesting and educational. I really enjoyed this class.

I learned a great deal in this course and the instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject.

You really know your stuff! I really think life will get much more difficult in the next 40-50 years or so. I'm worried about any kids I might have! Some things were difficult to plow through (equations) I'm sure you never hear that! HA Tests are very fair. I was scared to ask questions, though. I wasn't really sure if you thought that we should only ask them in discussion section. Your sense of humor is refreshing. Thanks for an educational semester!

I enjoyed this class very much, it was interesting and I hope to take another ecology class in the future.

At times I hate his comments -- but it's really because he wants us to learn it well and realize its importance.

Dr. Pianka knows his field very well and makes you think a lot about ecology.

You made me think!

The material was interesting as well as your point of view but tests were quite difficult.

Made class very interesting

I found information very interesting

The material was raw and eye opening. I loved this class! Thanks!

I don't think my grade in this course will be truly indicative of how much I really learned. I learned so much, even though I didn't do very well on tests. I feel so fortunate that I ended up in Dr. Pianka's class. He's an amazing teacher, ecologist. I can see why his lectures are so highly in demand at universities all over the country. Bottom Line: One of the best classes I've taken in college.

Dr. Pianka not only shared knowledge of the subject, but was enthusiastic and passionate about it -- something that is very difficult to find in teachers these days. At times, the mathematical equations were confusing.

Pianka challenged me and helped me to become a less-selfish person and expanded my goals to include helping all species of the world.


One of the best courses I've taken at UT to date.

Dr. Pianka is the most interesting & well travelled person I've met. He knows so much about ecology & he really tries to involve everyone. He has changed my life & my major. Dr. Pianka rules!

Amazing Professor!!! Sometimes I felt things got too in depth with too little explanation but overall this course was enlightening. Pianka's views really are something everyone should take to heart. I regret not getting to know him outside of class. What an inspiring human. Thank you.

It's been a pleasure getting to hear your perspective on the world today. The importance in taking responsibility of protecting this planet is more real to me now than it ever has been. Thanks

The lectures were extremely interesting as far as the application to the world surrounding us every day . . .

Opinionated but a good professor -- understandable for the most part.

If you like lizards, then this is a great class for you. He has a habit of rambling but is interesting.

Good lectures with intriguing information.

This has been a very interesting class.

There was just so much information covered that it was hard to organize it, and study it. I liked the material covered in class though, I thought it was interesting.

The lectures are difficult to get through, but the core material and opinions presented by Pianka are incredibly valuable and original.

I really enjoyed taking your biology class this past semester because I really felt like you focused on all the topics and themes that really matter. I have learned so much from you. Everyday life makes so much more sense to simply know that nothing is really a fact or truth, and nobody really knows anything, especially all the people who think that some great being will save them from disaster.

Yesterday, I was pumping gas into my car when all of the sudden I looked around and thought how disgusting the world looks because of what us humans have done, covering everything with cement and all. I was just standing there looking at the steel poles and smelling the gas going into the car, and all I could think about is how weird human society is and how it just shouldn't be like this. We shouldn't be living this way.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how much I respect you and how many times throughout the course of the day I think about something you taught. Your class has really made me evaluate and give deeper thought to ordinary human interactions with the surrounding world. Thanks so much

I want to thank you for your class, it has inspired me in ways unimaginable. I am an EEC major and the things you taught me has stuck in my brain ;everytime I see some other creature I wonder about its life, evolution, and survivibility! Thanks for setting my mission in life.

I have gotten a lot out of your course and have talked to my mom (who was also a Biology major) about your idea on how humans are using half of the natural resources on a number of occasions. Thank you.

Thank you for a very unique experience. This course dealt more with concepts and thought than any of my other biology or science courses. The material actually required my brain's attention, instead of just memorizing random facts and processes.

Thanks. It really was a tough class, but I learned so much and now have a better appreciation for Biology. It's funny because now when I go out to a park or something I find myself watching how the birds are interacting with one other. That's not something I did I before. It's interesting stuff.

I did enjoy your class!! Thanks so much and good luck with your future projects...

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